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LSA Digital Collections Repository

The ArCHIAM Research Centre (Architecture and Cultural Heritage of India, Arabia and the Maghreb) based at the University of Liverpool, Liverpool School of Architecture, has been conducting fieldwork-driven research across an interconnected global region spanning from the coast of North Africa and the Arabian Gulf to the slopes of the Himalayas since 2010. The focus of the work has been on heritage documentation and conservation with a view towards architectural research across a number of disciplines, including archaeology, anthropology, hydro-geology and architecture.

The theme of the digitised collections is architecture, architectural heritage, landscape and ethnography in South and South-West Asia. It includes a comprehensive range of architectural drawings (documentation, design and construction phases) as well as slides and photographs of distinct structures and cultural settings for the above regions. The material selected for digitisation was sourced by ArCHIAM from distinguished academics and professionals in architecture, archaeology, anthropology and geography. All digitised material comes from previously unpublished private collections.

The material hosted in this repository is being digitised both on campus in the University of Liverpool and international partner locations. In both cases, digitisation experts from the University have been in charge of quality control in the digitisation process and in recording the metadata associated with the digitised material.

This digitisation initiative is the result of ArCHIAM’s work supported by the David Foster Wicks Endowment Fund. The work has seen the development of a web based interface that allows browsing and searching the digitised material as well as the digitisation of 3 initial collections. ArCHIAM is committed to digitising and making available similar collections in the future as funding allows.

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Key People

Project Director
Soumyen Bandyopadhyay

Giamila Quattrone

Lead Developer & Digitisation Consultant
Christos Papadopoulos

Research & Digitisation
Konstantina Georgiadou
Matina Vrettou